How SalesDuo grew sales by 80% by altering SPAX’s catalog on Amazon


SalesDuo has handled Amazon business for SPAX from July 2020. SPAX is a leading manufacturer of fasteners (Screws) and has an active Amazon Vendor Central and Seller Central account.

SPAX was selling fasteners/screws in Master Cartons via Seller Central. For example, a Master carton would have (Pack of 4) * 50 Count = 200-Count, as they had difficulties in breaking the boxes and selling them as individual boxes via Seller Central.

Considering the product, the category and the buyers on Amazon ranges from individuals to business buyers, we reviewed the sales were majorly from individual consumers than business customers. SalesDuo pointed SPAX to the data and the rationale behind the ask for individual cartons in addition to master cartons. SPAX set up individual packs on Amazon Seller Central catalog. SalesDuo advised the SPAX team to even set up a new SKU in their SAP so that the inventory of Master can be transferred as individual units in their internal system thus allowing them to sell the individual units in a phased manner so that it doesn’t impact immediately. 

Finally, after many discussions and approvals from their leadership, SPAX agreed to sell the individual packs. 

The SalesDuo team and SPAX’s collaborative efforts helped SPAX grow its business by 80% on Amazon. 

Before Individual Packs

Spax 1

After Individual Packs

Spax 2

One Graph View

Sapx 3

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