SalesDuo's Customers

We have a wide variety of customers — both in terms of their revenue on Amazon and the categories that they represent. Our largest customer generates northward of $200M on Amazon annually and the smallest one is a fledgling start-up. One thing remains common — they are already category leaders OR are soon going to become leaders.

A handful of our category leaders

  • 40% of our customers are Category Leaders
  • Our largest customer does > $150M annually on Amazon
  • Our fastest growing customer has grown 400% YoY in the last 2 years

Testimonials from Our Happy Customers

  • In Jan 2018 we had a brand transition, and were experiencing a list of problems when we reached out to SalesDuo. We lost our sales volumes - what was once truckload got to individual bag orders. We had catalog issues. No one at Amazon could or would help us. SalesDuo has been able to restore our sales on Amazon by prompt resolution of a multitude of issues. Knowing the in’s and out’s of Amazon’s platform is critical and SalesDuo has proven record of their knowledge. 

    Helen Cantrell, Director — Sales and Marketing
  • Having a team of subject matter experts available to work with us is very beneficial to our company and our sales. SalesDuo has helped us grow our brands on Amazon with adding variations, images, copy, A+ pages, ads and even assisting with customer support. SalesDuo has allowed us to focus more on non-Amazon related tasks while they handle what would take us days prior. 

    Matt Mellendorf, Director eCommerce
  • About 5-6 years ago Amazon approached us and asked to carry our products via Vendor Central. I knew enough to say YES, but after that it was an uphill battle. Our catalog was a hot, dumpster fire of a mess. We would fix something, and three days later it would revert back. It was a Whack-A-Mole game with my business as the loser. Finding SalesDuo has been game changing for our business. Their patience, ability to control me from journeys down rabbit holes, and knowledge of Amazon pitfalls and secrets has truly allowed us to take our business on Amazon to the next level. We had a solid mid-six figure business on Amazon and with SalesDuo’s help it has continued to grow. Our sales went up 200% over last year!. Our catalog is organised and presents our products properly. Our AMS program is bringing excellent results. Our chargebacks have been handled promptly with good resolutions 

    Kathy Dannel Vitcak, CEO
  • SalesDuo has the experience and history with Amazon that encouraged us to work with them. This has helped us devote more time to our day to day operations and less time to navigating Amazon. We have more than tripled our sales on Amazon since working with SalesDuo. We have also made goals to triple it again this year.

    Tom Van Wingerden, CEO
  • Partnering with SalesDuo has given a greater insight to our overall Amazon business through analytics, AMS spend efficiencies, as well as correcting specific ASIN needs. The SalesDuo team is always responsive and
    interactive and has helped to promote our overall Amazon growth with their experiences and expertise. Having a weekly meeting to review / discuss our current plans and future opportunities is all important to our continued understanding of both our Vendor Central and Seller Central partnerships.

    Scott Maynes, President
  • SalesDuo has helped me execute my backlog of ideas quickly and effectively, always tweaking to improve where needed.

    Bibi Nucci — General Manager
  • We used a different consulting firm to manage our Amazon business. Sales grew but my team and I decided we need to make a change. We happened to bump into SalesDuo. Since then our sales have increased dramatically. We look forward to our weekly calls and they have great knowledge of how Amazon works. I highly recommend them.

    Claude Florent — CEO, Rainguard
  • In 2020, We hired SalesDuo to manage our Amazon business. Even though our sales were growing we were struggling to get the expertise we needed to manage our Amazon business which can be challenging. We are impressed with the knowledge that the SalesDuo team brings to the table, the attention we get when issues arise and resolving them quickly as well as the professionalism they bring as a company.

    Pat Sanderlin — Director of Sales West, Brownie Brittle
  • We initially reached out to SalesDuo because we needed help fixing our listings on Amazon. Over the years, many of our listings "broke" on Amazon due to having numerous unauthorized 3rd party sellers. Other sellers began to upload wrong/poor quality photos and grouped or separated products incorrectly. In addition, copycat companies began selling very poor-quality products similar to ours on Amazon by using our keywords and stealing our customers. We noticed that these issues resulted in declining Amazon sales.

    Peter Shin — Accountant, Pediped
  • SalesDuo has done a superb job and proved to be truly one of the best partnerships in 15 years. They have delivered when others talk. It so refreshing to deal with capable people week after week instead of just a sales pitch with no follow through. We are experiencing 134% growth year over year with Amazon and climbing. They helped us navigate the buggy Walmart Marketplace and now sales are gaining traction. They are successfully managing our AMS advertising budget delivering ACOS exceeding expectations. Our Account Manager is extremely professional and responsive to all requests. I often wonder if he sleeps. I highly recommend their service and look forward to continued growth with this awesome team!

    Bryon Parker — CEO, Z Natural Foods

    My name is Rolf Zimmermann and I am VP of Sales and Marketing at Eastern Jungle Gym. While we have engaged in business with Amazon for many years we were unable to find a company that could manage all the aspects of day to day operations. Once contacting SalesDuo I was pleasantly surprised at the scope of work they covered and the competence of the company. We started with managing our Seller Central FBA, FBM, and Vendor Central accounts and quickly realised they could handle all the advertising as well. 

    What's most important is the constant communication with our team on a weekly basis as well as being available at all times in case of an emergency. We've not only been able to streamline our operations but have reduced ad spend and increased revenue. From forecasting to reporting and everything in between SalesDuo has met or exceeded our expectations. Not to mention the value is unmatched by any other company. I can highly recommend SalesDuo for any and all Amazon needs.

    Rolf Zimmermann — VP Sales, Eastern Jungle Gym

    We needed an Agency that could bring behind-the-scenes Amazon experience to take the load off our internal team. SalesDuo had insider Amazon experience, plus a full team to support us. Our current SalesDuo rep truly seems to care about our success, in spite of challenges we've encountered in keeping our products consistently listed on Amazon. He goes above and beyond to try to work the system and do everything he can to make and keep the products active on the site. And whenever we have problems, he patiently pursues them, and if needed, researches the answers so that we truly have an agent acting on our behalf.

    Marcia Neu — Director of Marketing Communications, Legend Brands

    I would give SalesDuo 6 Stars out of 5 if it was possible. As a group the knowledge and insights SalesDuo provides for the ever-changing landscape of Amazon has been invaluable in our growth strategy. With the weekly meetings tasks are getting done, our listings are constantly improving and we are ready for any upcoming seasonal changes. SalesDuo is managing the SEO and ACOS just as we discussed, and our promotions and coupons have remained profitable. The Assistance does not end there - they have provided guidance in the annual vendor negotiations and provided benchmarks to measure our success against.

    Asher Provda, CEO — The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Case Studies

Fuji cover image Fuji cover image

How SalesDuo Fixed FUJI Sports’ Brand Normalization Error

FUJI Sports was stuck with a major brand name issue wherein their brand name was showing up as FUJIFILM on Amazon pages and not as FUJI Sports / FUJI as it should be. This brand misnomer was a cause for great concern as it was affecting close to 4,000 FUJI Sports product ASINs and this inconsistency in their brand name had to have an impact on sales. 

Wow cover Wow cover

WOW Sports sees success through SalesDuo’s use of bulksheets

Since its inception in 2012, WOW Sports has brought innovative and fun water sports and backyard games to its Amazon customers. The brand began advertising on Amazon in 2016 to help boost brand awareness, but in May 2019, it partnered with SalesDuo to help support its Amazon Advertising strategy.

Nf cover image Nf cover image

How SalesDuo helped Naturally Fresh recover lost sales

Till 2018, Naturally Fresh's products were being marketed by Blue Buffalo. When they parted ways, and Naturally Fresh had to take products to the market on their own, the sales fell. What used to be truck load orders earlier became a few bags every week. This is when they partnered with SalesDuo

Skoy girl Skoy girl

Skoy’s FBA Fee-asco: How SalesDuo Regulated Skoy’s FBA Fees

Seller Central Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) charges fulfillment fees per unit, which vary depending on if the product is standard size or oversized, and include picking and packing, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns.

Coming to Skoy, SalesDuo observed that the same category/family of products with the same unit weight/size had different FBA fees applied to them.

Mintx Mintx

How SalesDuo helped Mint-X grow on Amazon by 626% in 2 years

 Mint-X sells Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Registered Rodent Repellent trash bags that are 8-10% more expensive than a regular trash bag. SalesDuo onboarded Mint-X in April 2020 to improve sales and drive visibility for their products on Amazon. Here is a step-step approach that SalesDuo took to achieve the huge growth for the brand.

Tbdimage Tbdimage

How SalesDuo helped The Blissful Dog grow their sales by 91% in a year

From creating a single Detailed Page with 1600 Child ASINs variated together to doing changes that can lead to transformational results — here is the Case Study of The Blissful Dog that had grown over 3X from the time they have been with SalesDuo.

Tngimage Tngimage

How SalesDuo grew TNG Worldwide’s sales on Amazon by 112% in a year

TNG Worldwide is a business focused on manufacturing Personal Care and Beauty products. TNG subscribed to SalesDuo Services in 2020 and the next two years of partnership between the two companies was nothing but success. TNG Worldwide at the time of signing up with SalesDuo was already a Tier I vendor on Vendor Central.

Tpg image Tpg image

How SalesDuo helped The Pencil Grip grow by 55% in a year in a crowded, saturated market

SalesDuo onboarded The Pencil Grip (TPG) in March 2021. TPG was struggling during the 2020 pandemic-induced disruptions as the schools were closed, uncertainty as they entered 2021 and they had a good amount of inventory to sell on Amazon. However, these uncertainties were impacting their sales, and were trying to understand how to expand their business on Amazon. Here's a case study of success in a crowded market.

Bb image (2) Bb image (2)

How SalesDuo grew Brownie Brittle’s sales by 90% on Amazon Advertising with rule-based bidding strategy and bids by placement feature

Brownie Brittle did a transition from Vendor Central to Seller Central to increase profitability, and then the key goal was to grow sales via Amazon Advertising. SalesDuo grew Brownie Brittle's sales by 90% with rule-based bidding strategy and bids by placement feature

Znf image (1) Znf image (1)

How SalesDuo grew Z Natural’s sales 134% through Amazon Advertising with rule-based bidding strategy

The goal was to reduce the ACOS by 50% to 30% and increase the ROAS to >5. In this Case Study, we talk about how SalesDuo grew Z Natural’s sales 134% through Amazon Advertising with rule-based bidding strategy

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