Our learnings from Amazon Detailed Page Images and A+ Pages

updated on 11 July 2024

Pictures speak louder than words - and the same is true for your products. Selling your products on Amazon has the potential to be great for your business. Your sales velocity, your conversion rates relevant to the search term used by the consumers to search, your high reviews and ratings will determine whether your products show up on the first page of the search results — and we will keep this topic for a later day.

In this topic, we will talk about how to maximise sales conversions from the time the user has opened the detailed page.

A detailed product page with enhanced images and a complete A+ page can give your consumers a lot of quick decision making information in the form of images and infographics, teach them about the brand and help them make a purchase decision. 

Detailed Page images and A+ pages provide you the opportunity to highlight your product’s best features.

Have you seen any brand that you look up to use poor quality images? Use high-resolution images taken from all important angles of the product to help the consumer get a good feel of the product. If the product can be show case in a lifestyle setting — do that. Use 360 degree images to show all angles of the products. Videos work really well when it comes to purchasing decisions. Use a video to describe your product. Amazon gives you 6 images + 1 video in the DP images. Use them to good use.

A+ content is a great way to provide additional information about the brand, product and infographics that can enhance the conversion rates. The A+ content page also has the option of adding comparison widgets that aids cross-selling of products, which you can use smartly to lead consumers to products that you want them to buy.

According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase detail page conversion rates by 6 - 10%. As A+ content is more visually engaging than the regular wordy product descriptions, having a good A+ page can go a long way!

Better product images = better chances of a sales conversion. Make your product images as informative and eye-catching as possible to get the best out of Amazon!


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