Our most frequently asked questions on Amazon Brand Registry

updated on 11 July 2024

In this Blog Post on Amazon Brand Registry, we will cover some of the most frequent questions that are asked by our customers and the best practices while registering your Brand on Amazon.

What is the Amazon Brand registry?

If you are a Brand Owner, then Amazon protects your Intellectual Property (IP) and Product Content on Amazon. Brand Registry portal allows the Brand to report any of the below violations provided you have a proof for these.

1. Copyright Infringement

a. The physical product or its packaging includes unauthorized copyrighted content or images without being pirated

b. The text is used without authorization on the product detail page.

c. The product or its packaging is pirated (copying of the copyrighted product or packaging)

2. Patent Infringement

a. Potential violation of design patent

b. Potential violation of my patent

3. Trademark Infringement

a. A product detail page is unlawfully using the trademark (e.g. in the product title, product images, product description).

b. A product or its packaging has a trademark on it.

c. A product is counterfeit

What are the other benefits of having your brand registered on the Brand Registry?

As an Amazon Vendor or Seller, you will be eligible for additional benefits listed below as a Brand Owner for the registered Brand. I am listing some top benefits only

1. A+ Page - helps in conversions

2. Brand Analytics – helps in Discoverability

3. Brand Dashboard – The Brand Dashboard provides ASIN-level recommendations and metrics to help brands improve their brand health, conversion, and traffic.

4. Brand Page (Stores) – This helps customers discover the brand's product selection

What are the requirements and Processes involved in registering your Brand on Amazon Brand Registry?

The requirements are listed below, please note you have to register separately for each marketplace

1. An active, registered trademark in that country that appears on your product or packaging

2. An Amazon account (either Seller Central or Vendor Central).

3. Images of products and packaging that carry the trademarked brand name.

4. Few other mandatory details such as Category of your product, Website, List of countries you manufacture, if there you have approved distributors who manufacture your product.

Please make sure you are entering the Brand Name the same as it is in the trademark, otherwise, Amazon will reject your application.

Once you submit the details, as part of the verification process, Amazon will send a random code to the public contact listed on your trademark registration. Amazon will let you know who it has sent the code to, so you can notify your attorney or other contacts to look out for the code

What are some of the best practices while registering on Brand Registry?

If you are in both Vendor and Seller central, please use a common ID such as amazon@yourcompany.com, Please avoid using your employee's ID or ask your employees to refrain from registering through their ID. The reason for this is we have seen on multiple instances that the Brand Registry Team’s capability to understand the problem of employees leaving the organization and the transition of the trademark to your ID might be challenging. It might take even months to resolve the issue.

If you are only in Vendor central, please ensure you are registering your Vendor Central vendor Code “5 Alphanumeric value” at the time of registering the brand. The brand registry team and the vendor central team do not have a clear process to map Vendor central with Brand Registry.

If you are having only Seller central, then make sure your primary ID has been registered as an admin and rights owner in Brand Registry. For the US, there is a self-service option to map your seller central to Brand Registry using this Link.


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