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Testimonials from Our Happy Customers

  • In Jan 2018 we had a brand transition, and were experiencing a list of problems when we reached out to SalesDuo. We lost our sales volumes - what was once truckload got to individual bag orders. We had catalog issues. No one at Amazon could or would help us. SalesDuo has been able to restore our sales on Amazon by prompt resolution of a multitude of issues. Knowing the in’s and out’s of Amazon’s platform is critical and SalesDuo has proven record of their knowledge. 

    Helen Cantrell, Director — Sales and Marketing
  • Having a team of subject matter experts available to work with us is very beneficial to our company and our sales. SalesDuo has helped us grow our brands on Amazon with adding variations, images, copy, A+ pages, ads and even assisting with customer support. SalesDuo has allowed us to focus more on non-Amazon related tasks while they handle what would take us days prior. 

    Matt Mellendorf, Director eCommerce
  • About 5-6 years ago Amazon approached us and asked to carry our products via Vendor Central. I knew enough to say YES, but after that it was an uphill battle. Our catalog was a hot, dumpster fire of a mess. We would fix something, and three days later it would revert back. It was a Whack-A-Mole game with my business as the loser. Finding SalesDuo has been game changing for our business. Their patience, ability to control me from journeys down rabbit holes, and knowledge of Amazon pitfalls and secrets has truly allowed us to take our business on Amazon to the next level. We had a solid mid-six figure business on Amazon and with SalesDuo’s help it has continued to grow. Our sales went up 200% over last year!. Our catalog is organised and presents our products properly. Our AMS program is bringing excellent results. Our chargebacks have been handled promptly with good resolutions 

    Kathy Dannel Vitcak, CEO
  • SalesDuo has the experience and history with Amazon that encouraged us to work with them. This has helped us devote more time to our day to day operations and less time to navigating Amazon. We have more than tripled our sales on Amazon since working with SalesDuo. We have also made goals to triple it again this year.

    Tom Van Wingerden, CEO
  • Partnering with SalesDuo has given a greater insight to our overall Amazon business through analytics, AMS spend efficiencies, as well as correcting specific ASIN needs. The SalesDuo team is always responsive and
    interactive and has helped to promote our overall Amazon growth with their experiences and expertise. Having a weekly meeting to review / discuss our current plans and future opportunities is all important to our continued understanding of both our Vendor Central and Seller Central partnerships.

    Scott Maynes, President
  • SalesDuo has helped me execute my backlog of ideas quickly and effectively, always tweaking to improve where needed.

    Bibi Nucci — General Manager

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