How SalesDuo grew Z Natural’s sales 134% through Amazon Advertising with rule-based bidding strategy


Z Natural Foods has been selling hard-to-find whole, all-natural and organic foods. Z Natural Foods partnered with SalesDuo in April 2021 to grow the Amazon business.

We aimed to raise the account's overall revenues while maintaining the ACOS below 30%. Previously, the account spent on all kinds of ads like Sponsored Product (SP), Sponsored Display (SD), and Sponsored Brand (SB). Because the account had a high ACOS, we decided to use Sponsored Product (SP) ad campaign to drive sales by maintaining high impressions.

To get maximum visibility, we launched SP campaigns for the top 80% of ASINs and improved them using negative keywords, dynamic bid optimization, and bidding strategy optimization based on product performance on search pages and product detail pages. It has enabled us to reduce spend keep the ACOS low. We chose Auto and Manual SP campaigns since our budget was limited in comparison to the number of goods we needed to promote, and we needed to boost impressions and conversions from the available funds.

We used the rainfall bidding technique, with the greatest offer for near match types and the lowest bid for complements. It enabled us to gain relevant visibility on the platform at a low cost.

To begin with, we used the bid down only technique. We switched to the rule-based bidding approach up and down after analysing campaign performance on product pages and top of search pages. If there is a better chance of converting sales and have set a bid increase margin of 20–100%, the bids will alter dynamically to maintain the conversion rate.

We collected the top converting keywords from the automated ads and generated customized campaigns that pushed the products to the top of search results when buyers searched for relevant keywords, resulting in more sales on lower ACOS.

The combination of these different strategies assisted us in attaining the objective and increasing order numbers. YTD, we have got a total Impression of 24MM, with a viewable impression (Estimated number of impressions that meet the Media Rating Council's (MRC) standard for viewability) of 195K converting with 105K clicks. This trend helped us increase our ad spending gradually and the account is currently trending at a ROAS of 5.25.  

Z naturals graph

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