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Grow your Amazon business with us.

Leverage our large team of former Amazon executives and their deep knowledge of systems and processes, to grow your sales and profits.

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We keep your catalog optimised for the best conversions and searchability.

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Our success fee is structured on the incremental sales we bring you. Need we say more?

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Reduce effort and costs on Invoicing, Dispute Management and Remittance Reconciliation

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Reduce delivery and ship window durations with our operations that runs hours ahead of you

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Business Intelligence

Grow your portfolio with our intelligence reports on market size, optimal costs and forecasts

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With our multiple warehouses across the country, you stay close to your customers

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01 & 02.    catalog & Marketing
01.    Catalog

1. Catalog Additions / Changes
2. A+ Pages
3. Winning the Buy-Box
4. Day-Day Housekeeping

02.    Marketing

1. AMS Campaigns
2. Brand Pages
3. Monthly Sales Reports - Competition Landscape
4. Keywords Optimisation

Catalog and Marketing

We start with 'Competition Benchmarking' that helps us study your products and your competitors' for the views, conversions and sales. The findings of this exercise leads to the creation of the growth strategy for your account.

600 + Happy Customers
97% Customer Retention
85 Member Team
100% Subscription Model
03 & 04.    finance & operations

Finance and Operations

The program is structured to reduce the delivery and ship window, and reduce operations effort


1. Create Invoices
2. Dispute chargebacks and claims
3. Remittances and Invoices Reconciliation
4. CoOp and Agreements


1. Accept Orders
2. Create Routing Requests
3. Ready Carton and Shipping Labels
4. Carrier Bookings
5. Create ASN

Trusted by established and emerging brands


Business Intelligence

Large distributors and re-sellers have benefitted from our Business Intelligence package to grow their portfolio of products by leveraging on the cost and market size reports. Assures buy-box in multi vendor and seller scenarios.

Helen Cantrell

“In Jan 2018 we had a brand transition, and were experiencing a list of problems when we reached out to SalesDuo. We lost our sales volumes - what was once truckload got to individual bag orders. We had catalog issues. No one at Amazon could or would help us. SalesDuo has been able to restore our sales on Amazon by prompt resolution of a multitude of issues. Knowing the in’s and out’s of Amazon’s platform is critical and SalesDuo has proven record of their knowledge.”

director of marketing and sales, eco-shell, inc.
Matt Mellendorf

“Having a team of subject matter experts available to work with us is very beneficial to our company and our sales. SalesDuo has helped us grow our brands on Amazon with adding Variations, Images, Copy, A+ Pages, AMS Campaigns and even assisting with Customer Support. SalesDuo has allowed us to focus more on non-Amazon related tasks while they handle what would take us days prior.”

Director of eCommerce - TNG Worldwide
Arnold Volker

“We have been able to increase our sales and margins with Amazon. We enjoy the weekly calls and having a team of experienced staff help us. SalesDuo has developed better product pages and a brand page that has helped us improve us sales and margins. They are very thorough, excellent communicators and very knowledgeable.”

CEO - Next Innovations
Kathy Dannel Vitcak

“About 5-6 years ago Amazon approached us and asked to carry our products via Vendor Central. I knew enough to say YES, but after that it was an uphill battle. Our catalog was a hot, dumpster fire of a mess. We would fix something, and three days later it would revert back. It was a Whack-A-Mole game with my business as the loser. Finding SalesDuo has been game changing for our business. Their patience, ability to control me from journeys down rabbit holes, and knowledge of Amazon pitfalls and secrets has truly allowed us to take our business on Amazon to the next level. We had a solid mid-six figure business on Amazon and with SalesDuo’s help it has continued to grow. Our sales went up 200% over last year!. Our catalog is organised and presents our products properly. Our AMS program is bringing excellent results. Our chargebacks have been handled promptly with good resolutions.”

CEO - The Blissful Dog
Bibi Nucci

“SalesDuo has helped me execute my backlog of ideas quickly and effectively, always tweaking to improve where needed.”

General manager at victoria cookware
Tom Van Wingerden

“SalesDuo has the experience and history with Amazon that encouraged us to work with them. This has helped us devote more time to our day to day operations and less time to navigating Amazon. We have more than tripled our sales on Amazon since working with SalesDuo. We have also made goals to triple it again this year.”

CEO - Van Wingerden greenhouses
06.    warehouses


Multiple warehouses across the country, to give you the flexibility to choose warehouses close to you and to your customers.

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