How SalesDuo grew TNG Worldwide’s sales on Amazon by 127% in a year

TNG Worldwide is a business focused on manufacturing Personal Care and Beauty products. They cater to the needs of both businesses and consumers with their signature brands for Pro Professional Collection and Ginger Lily Farms. TNG subscribed to SalesDuo Services in 2020 and the next two years of partnership between the two companies was nothing but success. TNG Worldwide at the time of signing up with SalesDuo was already a Tier I vendor on Vendor Central.

TNG Worldwide had faced issues where Vendor Central orders were not received for all items. The company was operating through Vendor Central In-network and also through Seller Central Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), and also partially through Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA). The primary issues that existed for the account were Availability / Buyability concerns, purchase orders inconsistency from Amazon’s end, no Amazon Prime tag due to offers from Seller Central / Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), blocked ASINs, and when things were settling down, the COVID-19 pandemic started to wreck chaos across the world and things became uncertain due to lock down across nations, eventually affecting the supply chain.

The successful year despite COVID-19

The top focus when we started working with TNG Worldwide was making the items available as much as possible through Vendor Central, hence SalesDuo addressed the issue of exclusions. These ensured availability issues were fixed and since TNG had an automated way to send inventory to Seller Central, the feeds ensured the availability is covered through Seller Central as well. SalesDuo then recommended the variation for the items to ensure the products are grouped to create visibility for the items with lower reviews and review aggregation.

One of the early successes visible with the help of Amazon Advertising, for their top items that are COVID essentials, were 3-Ply masks, Gloves, Hand soaps, and Sanitizers as the products were advertised to be on the top of the search results campaigns with under 40% ACOS competing against the top brands specific to those categories and emerged as a trusted Brand for the essential items during a global pandemic. The sales of masks rose from 0 units to a max of 2600 units per week during the period and from 0 reviews to 989 (4.5 stars) as of today. During this period SalesDuo helped TNG to reinstate multiple items that were blocked due to compliance issues such as pesticide issues, used items being sold as new complaints, Late Shipment issues”, A-Z Claims, and other document-related issues such as Electrical safety, SDS, and Import compliance. In addition to this, a discussion around rebranding was made and the name of the Seller Account was changed from “be beautiful” to “TNG Worldwide” (name of the actual company).

TNG team’s swift response for the content and creative changes done by SalesDuo ensured timely changes of all items in the catalog. TNG ended 2020 with revenues higher at 98.71% more than 2019 through Vendor Central and 28.04% more through Seller Central — a total revenue increase of 126.75%. The reason for that increment through Vendor Central was by addressing the Purchase Order issue by disabling exclusions.

Improving profitability on Vendor Central

Another key item to achieve was to increase profitability with the combination of Vendor Central and Seller Central — drive sales through Seller Central for the items that are not profitable on Vendor Central due to increased costs driven by the Global Supply Chain Freight charge increases and Cost Increases from the manufacturers. The choice was to use Seller Central / Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) to drive volumes and use Amazon Last Mile Power part of the FBA program (though TNG had a great track record in managing 1000s of orders per week) and most importantly ensure the continued availability of the Amazon Prime tag.

The top drivers in sales for 2021 were Hot Towel Warmers, Hand Soaps, Shampoo, Gloves, 3-Ply masks, Spa Liners, Massage Sheet sets, Aluminum Sheets, etc. On multiple products, the sales grew more than the forecast for the entire year in 3-4 months because of moving the products to FBA. SalesDuo’s recommendation and strategic insights, Amazon Advertising, Creative and Content optimization were key for TNG’s enormous growth. 

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