The key goal for the Operations team is to ensure Availability / Buyability for all your items on both Vendor Central and Seller Central, which builds a solid foundation to grow sales on Amazon.

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Strong Foundation for Sustainable Growth

  • Selection

    The Operations team gets all the items updated to your catalog on Vendor Central and / or Seller Central.

  • Variations and Bundles

    The new Amazon A9 algorithm prioritises properly variated items in the search results. The Operations team does variations along with physical 

  • Amazon Operational Solutions

    The Operations team handles all Amazon issues with Vendor Central and Seller Central, such as stranded, yanked, or suppressed ASINs.

  • Forecasting Report

    The precursor to ensuring 100% Availability / Buyability is accurate Forecasting. The Operations team gets you annual and quarterly forecasting reports to ensure that you have your inventory planned.

  • Inventory Management

    Every Monday, the Operations team publishes inventory reports from Vendor Central and Seller Central and details the number of items of each SKU which need to be sent to the Amazon FCs to ensure that we are able to support the sell-throughs.

  • 3P Sellers

    A weekly report is published for all 3rd Party Sellers, highlighting the unauthorised ones and the ones violating Amazon’s MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy.

  • Availability / Buyability Report

    Every week, an Availability / Buyability Report is created by the Operations Team, which talks about the Availability / Buyability percentages of your products, and what can be done to ensure that we optimize it to 100%.

  • Proactive Monitoring

    A proactive monitoring report ensures that the team is able to spot issues and get them addressed on priority to ensure that the issues cause no / least down time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vendor Central, Seller Central and the Hybrid Model

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