Making a Brand Page successful with Art, Human Psychology and Analytics

Every Amazon business - no matter its size - can stand to benefit from building its Amazon Store.

Having a brand store gives your customers the opportunity to explore your entire range of products and in increasing cross-selling opportunities.

Having a brand page + store on Amazon helps you with important insights related to units sold, visits, viewers, and so on that help you measure your sales and success and make changes to brand pages accordingly to see what works best in terms of the product placement on brand pages and what graphics work best.

Give them Cues

Let’s say 80% of your sales come from around 15 products. While you have a best sellers page on the brand page, also ensure that you have a page that talks about what products would make a for a great combination with these top selling products. We would recommend having bundles of the top selling products with the ones that would go best with them OR the ones that you would like to move faster and have these listed prominently on the brand page.

Have dedicated pages for Holiday Seasons

Consumers take cues you give them. Depending on the products you want to promote or move during the holiday season, structure them accordingly into a separate holiday page.

Use colors based on the need

If the need is to create urgency when you already have a loyal consumer base — use Red to create urgency. If it is a new brand, use colors that relate with trust. There is a reason all banks use blue color in their logos and all fast food joints use Red. 

Use the Brand Registry Analytics

See where people are coming from to the brand pages, what links are being used the most and double down upon them. For links and pages that are not working — replace them with any other option.

A well executed Brand Page can produce significantly dramatic results. We enhanced the Brand Page / Store for Brownie Brittle in the latter half of August 2021. When we compared the numbers from August 2021 to October 2021 - the change in the number of visitors, views per visitor, and units sold clearly were significant.. 

Visitors to the brand page had gone up by 177%. Sales from the Brand Page had gone up by 380%.

A combination of Art, Human Psychology to Colors and placements, and Analytics can produce a rewarding experience with the Brand Pages.

Blog Post by Vijaya Tiwari, Umang Sharma, Vandana Lohia, with inputs from Arjun Narayan

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