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We initially reached out to SalesDuo because we needed help fixing our listings on Amazon. Over the years, many of our listings "broke" on Amazon due to having numerous unauthorized 3rd party sellers. Other sellers began to upload wrong/poor quality photos and grouped or separated products incorrectly. In addition, copycat companies began selling very poor-quality products similar to ours on Amazon by using our keywords and stealing our customers. We noticed that these issues resulted in declining Amazon sales.

Fixing all of these issues was a monumental task, as we did not have the time to go through each SKU, one by one, and reach out to Amazon’s customer service for each listing. SalesDuo said they could fix these issues in a matter of months, and they followed through. They continued to update all of our listings with A+ pages to make them more appealing to customers. 

SalesDuo also helped us with marketing to suppress the cheap copycat products using our keywords. They make sure to stay within our margins by keeping ACOS down. We have tried marketing on Amazon in the past but with little success, as our ACOS was too high to be worthwhile.

With SalesDuo’s help, we can focus on our main revenue generators instead of being preoccupied with the tediousness of Amazon. It also really helps that most of SalesDuo’s managers used to be employees of Amazon. They know all of the ins and outs and secrets of Amazon. They know how to navigate issues that would take us days or weeks to figure out. 

In the 18 months since we hired SalesDuo, most week-over-week sales have been in the green, and every single week-over-year sale has been positive. We have seen positive sales growth, and we believe they will continue to grow in the coming years. 

SalesDuo continues to monitor any issues that may arise on Amazon, and they help us strategize which products to market and focus our efforts. 

We would recommend SalesDuo to any company, anywhere from having advanced issues as we had, or to someone just looking to increase their presence and sales on Amazon. SalesDuo has helped free up our time to focus more on our own company rather than spending time on Amazon.

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