How SalesDuo grew Brownie Brittle’s sales by 90% on Amazon Advertising with rule-based bidding strategy and bids by placement feature


Brownie Brittle has been selling delicious and healthy snacks since the 1990s. Their favourite snacks include Salted caramel, Chocolate chip, Pumpkin spice, and other varieties of cookies. Brownie Brittle partnered with SalesDuo in July 2020 to grow their Amazon business. After their success with Vendor Central on Amazon, SalesDuo helped Brownie Brittle further increase profitability through Seller Central / Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) .

In April 2022, one of Brownie Brittle’s key products, a low-calorie chocolate chip cookie 14oz bag, was struggling to gain traction on Seller Central, despite having good reviews and enhanced SEO. The item received an average of only 2100 impressions, converting to 30 units sold per week. SalesDuo began further optimizing the Amazon ads strategy to improve sales without increasing the monthly marketing budget.

It was observed historically that ads on this item had generated more sales on keywords than from product detail pages. Thus, Sponsored Product Ad was the best choice to go with. Keeping a restricted budget in mind, SalesDuo started with an auto-campaign for maximum visibility, that was continuously refined by adding negative keywords for good conversion. With a rainfall bidding strategy, the highest bid was on close match types and the lowest on compliments. This helped gain relevant visibility with a minimum spend.

Initially, it was a bid-down only strategy, which was changed to rule-based bidding that helped in maintaining the bids. Here, if we are matching the ROI of 4.55, then bids would dynamically change to keep the conversions high. Observing 55% more conversion on the top of the search results compared to the product detail pages, SalesDuo pushed the ASIN on the top of the search results by increasing the top of the search bid, by using the bids by placement feature.

The combination of the above strategies, along with continuous optimization through item-level budget transfer from temporarily ineligible ASINs, allows freeing up more budget and re-focusing on top ASINs, Brownie Brittle’s sales on this item jumped by 245%.

Impressions went up from 2100 to over 14,000, a 566% increase, in a week, with an average sales growth of $12.5K in three weeks. Sales also went up 90% for this item, on an average, from 30 to 57 units, the highest sales per week being 98 units which is a 227% growth from the earlier number. Marketing contribution to total sales also increased, from ~9.5% earlier to 33% during this time, the highest being 77%.

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